Death By Thr33s Vol 2

by Gentleman Script & Maulskull



Welcome to "Death By Thr33s Vol 2"... This is the second volume in a series of several, three track "ThreE.P." style releases from the ENTIRE extended Black Mask family of artists. Each artist or group of artists were given three instrumentals produced by Maulskull of Black Mask and given six weeks to write, record and send them back with verses. A total of 17 artists were involved from three different states and regions. This series represents what is achievable in a very short amount of time with a very large amount of work and collaboration between artists. OVER 40 TRACKS will be available for free download over the next few months and Black Mask will be releasing a different three track E.P. from a different artist EVERY WEDNESDAY until all tracks have been released. You can definitely expect a physical "Best Of DB3" cd to be out in 2012. "Death By Thr33s" represents reaching out to other artists with an open hand, so its only right that the album art would do the same. Thats why local Denver artist, Chelsey Christy, was commissioned to paint a series of "Death By Thr33s" canvas paintings revolving around the idea of reaching out, along with her personal interpretations of each artist's tracks. Very interesting and every album cover will be different! So please enjoy your free download of each volume and PLEASE SUPPORT THESE ARTISTS!! THANK YOU AND BLESSINGS! -BLACK MASK-


Gentleman Script AKA Tyrant aka Gentle Ben, Has been making and working in the world of underground hip hop for over 10 years. from cali to salt lake to the wilderness. From hip hop coffee shops to painting murals, booking, promo, and general hustle, This man lives for his culture. With features on 10+ albums and hundreds of shows under his (big) belt, his latest adventure includes being a great daddy to his Little girl and Working on his solo project in the between time. Continuing to play shows often and collab frequently, 2012 is the year of the Gentleman


released December 14, 2011

LYRICS: G. Schiers (Gentleman Script)
PRODUCED BY: J. Messinger (Maulskull)


all rights reserved


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