Stubborn Ways

by AGFlux

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“Stubborn ways”

Do you let those outside views (some positive some negative) get the best of you or do you isolate yourself in a mental state of “I can do no wrong?” I do need outside voices to gain perspective but first in foremost I do this because of my love for it, Not there’s! In the end inner belief is a true thing that stimulates and protects your artistic ideas. It’s how I’ve made it to this point, not saying that I’ve reached any sort of success or status that I’m content with, but I didn’t care what people thought when I was in my bedroom rapping at 16. I loved the process. I thought it was amazing to hear my voice over beats that I created. That foundational belief will always be there. Since when did art become a voting contest? That’s not what this is about. It’s about expression. “It’s your voice”, as Dave Grohl recites in the intro. Explore that freedom. The impurities in your tone, projection of your voice, that’s unique, that’s YOU. That’s an element in which you should run with because it can’t be duplicated. There didn’t use to be a right and wrong in this industry. Certain people found success because they followed their vision. Not mine, not yours. This track is a celebration of finding MY voice and being proud of all the imperfections that come with it. I’m not known, I’m not on the freshmen list, no one is checking for me, but who cares. I’m having fun doing something I love to do. When all is said and done no one can take that joy from me. I will always protect that feeling. But I do ask myself at times could that be what holds me up. Stunts my growth. It’s great to have faith but being self-centered can be extremely detrimental. Open mindedness is a characteristic I pride myself in. With that said I’m very aware that we are all are own worst enemy. So I continue to walk the fine line of my “Stubborn Ways.”

Written by: Alex Gage

Layout and Design by: Justin Whitman


released May 31, 2013

Lyrics by: A. Gage (AGFlux)
Produced By: A. Gage (AGFlux)
Layout and Design by: Justin Whitman


all rights reserved


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