Death By Thr33s Vol 9 "Dead For the First Time""

by Bobby Frost & Maulskull



Welcome to "Death By Thr33s Vol 9, Dead For the First Time"... Representing some of the VERY FIRST TRACKS from new comer and long time Black Mask family member Bobby Frost, This is the ninth volume in a series of several, three track "ThreE.P." style releases from the ENTIRE extended Black Mask family of artists. Each artist or group of artists were given three instrumentals produced by Maulskull of Black Mask and given six weeks to write, record and send them back with verses. A total of 17 artists were involved from three different states and regions. This series represents what is achievable in a very short amount of time with a very large amount of work and collaboration between artists. OVER 40 TRACKS will be available for free download over the next few months and Black Mask will be releasing a different three track E.P. from a different artist EVERY WEDNESDAY until all tracks have been released. You can definitely expect a physical "Best Of DB3" cd to be out in 2012. "Death By Thr33s" represents reaching out to other artists with an open hand, so its only right that the album art would do the same. Thats why local Denver artist, Chelsey Christy, was commissioned to paint a series of "Death By Thr33s" canvas paintings revolving around the idea of reaching out, along with her personal interpretations of each artist's tracks. Very interesting and every album cover will be different! So please enjoy your free download of each volume and PLEASE SUPPORT THESE ARTISTS!! THANK YOU AND BLESSINGS! -BLACK MASK-

Bobby was born in burbs of DC. It was hear that he started writing music with a few buddies in for a waning punk rock scene. Countless hours strumming power chords and going to shows led to the creation of a 5 piece punk group. Need Not Apply, though short-lived kick started his passion for lyrics and playing live shows. After baring witness to the death of punk and rise of emo his musical tastes switched to Hip-hop and his creative efforts became centered around video productions. By the end of HS acts like Pharcyde, Ice Cube,The Gza, Dr. Dre, Gangstarr, B.I.G., Dead Prez, Blackstar and Common had taken precedence over the rock-centric underground and were the new soundtrack to his life and movies.

Once graduated, he moved to Bozeman, MT to pursue a degree in Film and Photography. To his surprise he was met with a hardy hip-hop welcome. Befriending many die hard hip-hoppers and discovering a strong rap scene became the genius for a whole new level of musical passion. Through these friends and an abundance of live shows grew a strong connection to a horde of West Coast and Midwest artists that were unavailable to him. Shadows on the Sun, God Loves Ugly, Buck Up Princess and Creative Differences joined the likes of The Chronic, The Score and Ready to Die in his record collection and had him open to a whole new branch of hip-hop. Eventually Bozeman itself yielded a slew of local acts, which captivated him. The Black Mask and Eight Track Mind were unhindered by small town dynamics and became frequent players in the scene. In a never ending pursuit of vinyl Bobby decided to buy turntables. Purchasing merch from the acts passing through gave him a huge collection of instrumentals. Armed with crates and tables he began to rock house parties flipping famous beats for up and coming MCs to freestyle over.

Bit by bit things became more concrete. Grabbing the mic occasionally turned into writing lyrics. Spinning for others became producing beats. Flipping records at house parties upgraded to playing shows. A few years and many aliases later Bobby Frost has become a frequent force amongst the Bozeman scene. His lyrics primarily focus on a cinematic storyteller style and beats are chopped straight out of his parents record collection. Most recently, he was asked by Black Mask founder, Maulskull, to participate in The Death By Thr33s project, a massive collaboration between production by Maulskull and lyrics by a multitude (15+) of MCs from around the country. The Death by Thr33s project is available for free download at . A new set becomes available every Wed.


released 01 February 2012

LYRICS BY: B. Gressle (Bobby Frost)
PRODUCED BY: J. Messinger (Maulskull)



all rights reserved


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