Death By Thr33s Vol 1

by Silent Sabotuers & Maulskull



Welcome to "Death By Thr33s Vol 1"... This is the first volume in a series of several, three track "ThreE.P." style releases from the ENTIRE extended Black Mask family of artists. Each artist or group of artists were given three instrumentals produced by Maulskull of Black Mask and given six weeks to write, record and send them back with verses. A total of 17 artists were involved from three different states and regions. This series represents what is achievable in a very short amount of time with a very large amount of work and collaboration between artists. OVER 40 TRACKS will be available for free download over the next few months and Black Mask will be releasing a different three track E.P. from a different artist EVERY WEDNESDAY until all tracks have been released. You can definitely expect a physical "Best Of DB3" cd to be out in 2012. "Death By Thr33s" represents reaching out to other artists with an open hand, so its only right that the album art would do the same. Thats why local Denver artist, Chelsey Christy, was commissioned to paint a series of "Death By Thr33s" canvas paintings revolving around the idea of reaching out, along with her personal interpretations of each artist's tracks. Very interesting and every album cover will be different! So please enjoy your free download of each volume and PLEASE SUPPORT THESE ARTISTS!! THANK YOU AND BLESSINGS! -BLACK MASK-

Silent Sabotuers have been making music together since 1999. They met in Seattle and went separate ways (Montana & Minnesota) after Spring 2000. Kumpas and Ed Text continued collaborating despite the 1000 mile difference. Doing different projects along the way they all paved their own way into the hip-hop community, all the while flowing on parallel paths.
Kumpas laid the foundation out West in Bozeman by working with KGLT radio hosts Noby One and AC (Rap Name). Kumpas released 3 solo projects in a period of 2001-2003 with full writing, production, and engineering credited to himself. Noby One was a dj on KGLT's "Beatdown" show playing the latest and greatest undergound hip-hop for a tri-city station in SW Montana. Noby also release many beat mixtapes and audio creations in his trademwark limited release fashion.
Ed Text started doing live shows in early 2004 with the Twin City group "MNeapolis Junction" and eventually progressed into a standard hip-hop force in the MPLS/St. Paul with his cohorts in BRAINSTEM RECORDS.
In 2005 a new stage in the creative process began. Ed Text migrated to Bozeman, MT in order to further pursue the artistic facet that is known as Silent Sabotuers. The next year was spent pushing limits and experimenting with various sounds and ideas to form one sound, complete but never finished. The Sabotuers created 2 full length albums in 10 months, "Hostile Agents" (indoor album) and "Rare Earthlings" (outdoor album). The Sabotuers also did more than a dozen live shows in and around the Bozeman area during that period.
In 2006 Ed text moved back to Minneapolis, but continued to return to the high country of Montana to create more music with Kumpas and Noby One. In a period of 8 months Ed text had made 4 trips back to the mountains and recorded more than 10 songs with the Sabotuers, which gave them another album called "AGRO". Also during this time Kumpas formed the Wreckloose, For along with Noby One, AC, and Brujo. The Wreckloose, For created a 9 track album that is full of innovative overtures and distinct rhyme patterns.
In 2009 the Sabs reunited after 2 years apart, with Kumpas having moved to Alaska. Ed Text made the great journey north and in a 6 day period the Silent Sabs created a new album, "144 Hour Day". Completed in haste the Sabs used all their energy and focus to form a understated genius album that utilizes live drums, off-the-wall samples, and unique rhyme schemes. After the 6 days was over, Kumpas handed off the album to Noby One to add in his unique brand of turntablism and finalize what was the Sabs 6th album.
With the making of "144 Hr Day" The Sabs were back on their horse and in December '09 they decided to make the "Winter Shivers" album to further enhance the series of albums called SABBY Ps that will be released over the coming years. Sabby P vol. 2 "Winter Shivers" is perhaps the Sabs best work to date, created via email, cell phone, text message, and telepathy the "Winter Shivers" took only 3 1/2 weeks to make, with many sleepless nights and long days, the Sabs brought back their grimey underground luster that was so prevalent on their "Hostile Agents" album released 3 years prior. Check out their Collaboration EP, created at the end of 2011, a part of Maulskull's "Death By Thr33s" series featuring the Silent Sabs...


released 07 December 2011

LYRICS: M Hastert (Ed Text), B Hammerquist (Kumpas) and N Bryers (Noby)
PRODUCED BY: J Messinger (Maulskull)



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Black Mask Denver, Colorado

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